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Meet Team SWAZ

The experts behind the delivery of high quality SWAZ football kit and supplies to football clubs across Plymouth, Devon and beyond.


Andy Notman
Managing Director
With over ten years’ experience working with the marketing teams of huge clothing brands, Andy uses his specialised knowledge of the fashion sector to deliver high standard SWAZ football kits and supplies.
Darren Notman
Company Director
An ex-Royal Marine, Darren's 14-year stint in the military has given him impeccable standards which he brings to all our projects - using his eye for detail to ensure that everything we do is of the highest quality.
Charlie Shattock
Production Manager
A seamstress with incredible talent and craftsmanship, Charlie has the ability to create perfect garments to set SWAZ football kits and products apart from anything else on the market.
Dean Smith
Head of Digital and Marketing
A dynamo in the digital domain, Dean has pushed the SWAZ brand out to the four corners of the online world, securing business in multiple countries across Europe and beyond.
James Curno
Product and Brand Designer
The artist behind the brand that takes our story, our kits and our supplies and makes them look stunning. From concept to competition, James is the driving force behind the visuals of SWAZ.
Severiano Catindig-Stagg
Client Services Manager
We value our customers and Seve will go above and beyond to make sure we deliver to clubs, players and fans exactly what they desire, by understanding what our customers want.