SWAZ football kit designer.

No longer do you need to be restricted by the ‘off the shelf’ football kits available with other brands because at SWAZ we give you choice. Our innovative 3D bespoke football kit designer gives you the power to create your kit, your way, exactly how you want it! Use our 3D designer below to take advantage of the endless options available, and our team will be in touch to finalise your design.

Processing Details

With a wide selection of colours, unique designs and the possibility of featuring your sponsors in multiple ways - a bespoke football kit made by SWAZ will put you leagues ahead of the competition. We have given you some help to get started, however, if you would like ANY other design please contact us and we will deliver the goods.

Team Talk

Give us a shout and let us know what you're after. We have the experience and skills in-house to help you design and produce the custom football kit that will set your club leagues apart from the rest of the competition.

Creating your Style of Kit

Our 3D kit designer gives you full flexibility to design your custom football kits however you please, but of course, we will be on hand to give you tactical guidance along the way.

Passing Team Trials

Your club badge, sponsor and numbers will all form part of the kit, saving you money on embroidery and printing. You can have as many extras on your custom football kits as you like, and once you're fully satisfied and happy with the design, it will go into production.

Producing the Goods

All our team have an eye for quality and an understanding of what needs to be delivered. We take huge care in all the products we make and your custom made football kit will be produced and with you within 4-6 weeks.

The all Important Stats

No minimum order quantities on shirts or shorts and Shirt prices starting from just £19.99 for a fully customised shirt!