Inspirational Football Kit Designs From Manchester United

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Growing up in the era of the Premier League, which has brought glamour and rock star status to footballers, I have seen some really interesting football kit designs.  None more than from the team I supported (in fairness from a few years before the Premier League existed) who dominated the early years of the Premier League through championship wins, mind games and some interesting kits.  It is, in fact, the below shirt that was the inspiration for a part of our 3-D Football Kit Designer tool.  (The shirt has old Trafford in the background).

Manchester United Football Kit With Trafford Background

This is actually a detail that may be missed at first sight as from afar the shirt would appear to just be red.  However, for me, it’s all about the detail.


The detail was of huge significance in the next eye-catching shirt because it was the first time I had heard of a “3rd” kit for a football team, but the money makers at Old Trafford decided that one was needed and this is what they came up with:

Manchester United 3rd Football Kit



Again, from afar this would appear to be a normal Blue and white striped shirt, however, closer inspection would not only show the club’s crest from 1968 but also the team’s player names in the stripes up and down the shirt.  A classy idea for a commemorative football kit.


The last Manchester United Kit I wanted to bring up was the infamous Grey kit.

Manchester United Gray Football Kit


For anyone that can remember, this football kit was last worn away to Southampton, Manchester United had been outplayed and outclassed for 45 minutes at the Dell and found themselves 3-0 down at half-time. For Sir Alex Ferguson, enough was enough.

Speaking in 2012, he said: ‘Yeah, I remember that grey strip. Who can forget it? I changed the kits at half-time and we got charged £10,000 for it. It was the best £10,000 I ever spent.’

Ferguson made that infamous decision and ordered his Manchester United to get changed at the interval.

The reason? The grey kit, he believed, had left his players unable to see each other on the pitch.

United had worn the strip four times previously, drawing once to Nottingham Forest and losing the other three to Aston Villa, Arsenal and Liverpool. The fifth would be the last.

Bizarrely there is a kit in a similar colour surfacing online that shows the outside of the stadium and the Best, Law Charlton statues in the forefront.

Manchester United Chevrolet Sponsored Football Kit

I am certain that Jose would have plenty to say if this strip gained the same results as the previous one.


Any of the strips show above are a possibility at SWAZ, we have a 3-D kit builder tool but the possibilities for your club are literally endless.  Please contact us at for more information.


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