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In football as well as in fashion, trends change. Long gone are the years where footballers would wear the traditional tracksuit top whilst warming up or walking out to the pitch. This is now no longer deemed as cool and for the most part not actually practical. It is not what footballers want to wear, so times have moved on and a mixture of practicality and fashion has meant that the mid layer jacket (or ¼ zip top) has taken over.

Growing up in the era of the Premier League, which has brought glamour and rock star status to footballers, I have seen some really interesting football kit designs.  None more than from the team I supported (in fairness from a few years before the Premier League existed) who dominated the early years of the Premier League through championship wins, mind games and some interesting kits.  It is, in fact, the below shirt that was the inspiration for a part of our 3-D Football Kit Designer tool.  (The shirt has old Trafford in the background).