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Our Kits

Our kits at SWAZ are custom made, Designed by you.

No longer do you need to be restricted by the ‘off the shelf’ options that other brands give you because at SWAZ we give you choice.  Our innovative 3D Kit Designer gives you the power to design your kit, your way.  We have given you some help to get started, however if you would like ANY other design please contact us and we will ensure that you will not be disappointed.  The SWAZ Sublimation process means your club badge, sponsor, number will all be apart of the kit, saving you money on embroidery and printing.  At SWAZ you can have as many extras on your kit as you like including up to 3 sponsors, F.A Charter Standard Arm Flashes, even your club badge ghosted in the side of the kit all at no extra cost.

Click our 3D Kit Designer below.